Dear all Students,

                      Welcome to Department of Information Technology. The Department is established in 2010 with intake capacity of 60. Department is located on 3rd floor of B wing. In Information Technology Department besides imparting theoretical knowledge, a lot of stress is laid on hands-on training and overall development of the individual's personality .The faculty members supporting our program are experienced and highly qualified which provides an excellent environment for learning and research. Our ultimate aim is to create a very good learning environment for the students of this Department and to make the Information Technology Department a renowned Centre for learning.

 Academic Infrastructure available with the Department:

  1. Air Conditioned Classrooms and Tutorial Rooms equipped with LCD Projectors.
  2. Well equipped Air Conditioned Laboratories connected to Centralized Server Room.
  3. Media Equipped Air Conditioned Seminar hall.
  4. Online Departmental Library Management System.

Computational Facility available with the Department:

  1. Number of Computational Nodes available in Department: 150.
  2. Number of Server Systems: 05
  3. PC to Student ratio: 1:1.
  4. Dedicated leased line of Internet.
  5. Wi-Fi Access & CCTV Surveillance System.

 Highlights of the Department:

  1. Client - Server based environment for Practical sessions in Laboratories.
  2. Continuous Assessment of students with Online E-Learning Facility.
  3. Authentication based Internet access and printing facility for students.
  4. Cloud Computing Environment for Students.
  5. Online Programming assignments and its online assessment by Faculty with feedback.(E-assessment).
  6. Online Academic Feedback Facility for Students

                 Click on this Link to View timetable of SEM-IV Second Year IT

                 Click on this Link to View timetable of SEM-VI Third year IT

                                                                                                          Prof.Kiran Deshpande

                                                                                                     HOD Information Technology