Web link for Faculties to see their Punch In & Out attendance Records & Attendance summary

Dear Faculties,

  From 1 March 2019 Institute has  started Bio metric Attendance for Employees. Naturally since it is new system we forget to do Punch in , Punch out  & Even we don't remember sometimes at what time exactly we did Punch in & would have created some confusion sometimes to the Faculties while Punching out since Institute has opted flexible working of 8 hrs from 8:30 am to 6 PM. So effort has been made that by using the shared web Link faculties can see their daily, weekly  Punch In & Out Records & even their attendance summary for a day, week, month which Will be useful for Faculties. HOD'S can also view their Department faculties Punch in & Out Records as well as attendance summary as per their requirements. Necessary arrangements are made their interface. 

On this web based System( which is accessible in College LAN only, Faculties are expected to use their employee ID( available on Institute ID) as username & 123456 as initial password which Faculties should change after first login by using change Password link in their lnterface. Link of this System is also Provided on Institute E-learning System Moodle.

Snaps & Procedure is shared below.

1. Login Page

2. Change Password Link

3. Faculties Interface to see Punch In & Out Records by using Swipe Details Link. Attendance Summary can be seen by using Attendance Info Link  

4. HOD's can view their respective faculties attendance Details, Punch In & out Records by using Manager Details >>Employee Attendance Details Link in their Interface.


                                  Feel Free to Contact in case of any query( Room No 318)
Click link to open resource.